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Siding installation

Siding is a home’s front line of protection against the elements.

To do its job, siding must be sun- and water-resistant, able to withstand extremes in temperature, and stay in place when the wind blows too hard. It’s a part of your house that’s relatively easy to install, and one that will eventually need to be renewed, repair or replaced, some types sooner than others.

Siding also plays a big part in the overall look of a house, there are various different types of siding that you can choose such as vinyl, aluminum, concrete, and engineered wood.

whole-house siding projects are often best installed by professionals who have the experience and the equipment to tackle a multi-level job. Siding is usually estimated by the square (one hundred square feet of area). Installation costs vary according to the desired type of siding and the region where you live.

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