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Shingle roof replacement

Asphalt roof shingles are most common roofing material for North American residential properties. Manufacturers nowadays are using more fiberglass in their products. This gives better tear and fire resistance. New shingles also offer more wind resistance than old design.

Generally speaking, new shingled roofs should last upwards of 20+ years. However, many factors, such as climate, proper installation, and ventilation all have impacts on the life of your roof. Therefore a reliable and trusted roofing professional can give your roof a thorough examination and let you know if you are in need of Guide to Asphalt Shingles. Please keep in mind even if your roof shows signs of the symptoms , you may not need a total roof replacement.

Contact us so we can give you advice on

  • Fly a drone to check on the roof to determine whether you need a new roof or not
  • The different types of roof shingles available
  • What are the best roofing shingles for your needs
  • Give you a thorough presentation of the work procedure so that you know what is going on exactly on your roof
  • Getting the best roofing shingle prices based on your investment over the long term
  • Rough shingle calculator to help you with budgeting
  • The best approaches in installing roof shingles